Student Testimonies

Testimonies from our students:-

A great and secure location, quiet but within minutes of Lancaster city centre, with quality well furnished accommodation at an affordable rent. Feels just like home!

Moving off campus exposes you to many new experiences such as living closely with others and managing your own cleaning. Living close to the centre of the town, as we do, makes shopping cheaper and going out easier with more choice. However a little more motivation is required to get yourself out of bed and on to campus in the morning! In our experience the atmosphere of a student house is generally very different to that of a residence hall we can spread out more and with lots of communal space (with a big TV and sofas). Sharing is much more important for a good student house, we all use the same crockery etc. and have communal bread and milk. Once a week we will team up and cook a meal between us — last week featured a Mexican feast with tortillas and fajitas!